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Top 100 Funny Horse Names




Top 100 Funny Horse Names

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Now and again, while naming a pony, you simply need to have a little humor. Thinking of an interesting pony name can be all around as basic as a figure of speech or in any event, joining two rhyming words in an amusing way. These names are incredible to utilize both as animal dwelling place names and as show names for your pony. The one thing these pony names share practically speaking? They are amusing!

Presently, remember that everyone’s awareness of what’s actually funny is unique. When you slender down your rundown to a couple of names that you like, make certain to see what your companions and coach think prior to sending in any administrative work.

To get everything rolling, here are Top 100 funny Horse names!

All Daddy’s Money

An App for That (for an Appy)

And I’m Worth It

Ask Him (What’s Your Horse’s Name?)

Bill Shut

Biscotti the Hottie

Biscuit Eater

Biscuits with Ham

Bitney Spurs

Bling 182

Boom Boom Bay Be

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Buck Buck Goose

BuckleUp Buttercup

Burnt Tostada

Can Jump

Cat Sass (say it fast)

Chester Drawers

Chopped Liver

Daddy Said NO

Dapple Ganger


Dennis the Menace

Divorce Settlement

Don’t Bar Gin

Dot Com

Dotley Crew (for an Appaloosa)

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Edgar Allen Pony

Fatty McButterpants

Fifty Bales of Hay

Fiscal Impact

Forrest Jump

Fraidy Cat

Frosted Flake

Gluteus Maximus

Go Go Gadget

Got Hay

Guess (People ask: What’s your horses name? You say: “Guess”)

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Harry Trotter

Hay Neighbor

Hay There

Heinz 57

High Maintenance

Honey Bunches of Oats

Hoof Hearted

Hoosier Daddy

Horsey McHorseFace

Huge Ackman (Hugh Jackman)

Ice Melted

I Don’t Know, Ask Him (What’s Your Horse’s Name?)

Instead of Homework

It’s Only Money Honey

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Justin Thyme

Kate Winsalot

Kiss My Asterisk

Knead the Dough

Late for Dinner

Later Tater

Lazy Potato

Legendary Boysenberry

Liam Neighson

L on Wheels

Lucy Goosey

Making History

Mane Attraction

Mane Event

Maple Stirrup

Miss Bee Havin

More Cowbell (see video)

Mount Whinney

Mr. McWhinney

My Allowance

Nacho Salad

National Debt

Neigh Sayer

Never Home

Night Mare

No Soup For You (for the Seinfeld fans)

Odor in the Court

Oh She Hit


Peanuts Envy

Pickled Pink

Pima Pants

Pocket Rocket

Polka Dottie (for an Appaloosa)

Pony Montana

Pony of my Ownie

Pony Soprano

Princess Fluffy

Puffed Marshmallow

Rata Tat Kat

Ricky Bobby

Scottie Too Hottie

Second Mortgage

Secretariat Haven Farms (Secretary At Haven Farms)

Sent Ore

Sgt Wreckless

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Shoulda Been First (3rd place goes to “Shoulda Been First”)

Sir Tater Tot

Sofa Can Fast (say it fast)

Sofa Can Slow

Somebunny Loves Me

Sparkling Lettuce

Spongebob Horsepants

Squirtle the Turtle

Talk Derby to Me

Tater Trot

Tax Return

Thanks Dad

That’s What She Said

The Biggest Loser

The Blonde Lifeguard

Third Times a Charm

Tommy Haflinger

Tweedle Dee

Twenty Four K

Two Buck Chuck

Unitasker (for a horse that is only good at one thing)


Usain Colt

User Friendly

Victorias Secret

Wee Biscuit

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