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Top 100 Stupid Names For Baby’s in History




Top 100 Stupid Names For Baby's in History

Truly outstanding and fun exercises, while you’re anticipating a child, is to concocted a name for them. While a large portion of us pick ordinary sounding names for our little ones, a couple of us like to stand apart with extraordinary names for our little ones.
Interesting sounding names will shock everybody and furthermore guarantee your child is generally recalled, any place they go throughout everyday life. There are such countless choices for you to browse, and with our rundown, you will not have a lack of the most interesting child names.

Guardians who don’t need their children offering their names to different children is another explanation we’ve ordered this rundown. These choices are remarkable, fun and once in a while downright insane, yet that is the manner by which you roll.

Here is the full rundown of Top 100 Stupid Names For Baby’s in History!

Diezel Ky

Diezel Ky is the name of Toni Braxton’s child and it probably struck her when she was in the jeans section. Her other son’s name is Denim.


The son of the famous actor, Nicholas Cage, Kal-El was the original name of Superman before he arrived on Earth. In Kryptonian, it means the ‘voice of God.’


A literal word for a small bag, Satchel is the name of popular director Woody Allen and actress Mia Farrow’s son. They were inspired by Satchel Page.


The name of singer Alicia Keys and producer Swizz Beatz’s son, Egypt is a rare-sounding name you can give your little one. It is a name he won’t have much trouble explaining either.

 Buddy Bear

If your kid reminds you of a cute little bear, then Buddy Bear is pretty much the best name you can give them.


An amalgamation of Amy and Thea, Tiamii is a popular name that you could opt for your daughter. It is a funny girly name people won’t forget.

Bluebell Madonna

You can name your daughter Bluebell and she will love you for it.


A funny name that sounds exotic, Fifibelle is definitely an option you could consider for your little girl. It mixes Fifi, a funny-sounding name with Belle – a word for beautiful.


One of the best names you could give your kid. Why? Because they’re the ‘apple of your eyes,’ aren’t they? It’s a nice, easy name to remember and definitely one that stands out.


Destry is an old English name that means ‘war horse.’ It is a rare name for your little one that will stand out from the rest.

Tu Morrow

This is an actual name of a celebrity’s child. It just breaks the word ‘tomorrow’ to make it easier for you to remember and pick up your kids.


Why not name your kid after a direction? North is always the way up and you can remind your child to always move upwards.


The best day of the week. If you’d like your child to enjoy life like every day is a Sunday, then just name them that.


How about respect anytime someone calls your child? Jermajesty is a rare and powerful name that will give your kid respect anytime he steps out of home.


One of the most popular cities in the world, Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is definitely a rare name for your little one. In Japanese it means, ‘Eastern Capital.’


Levaeh is a slight variation of the name Nevaeh which is basically the word ‘Heaven’ spelt backwards.


Adeline is a fun and sweet name for a baby girl and it comes with French origins. But it’s strange and funny when a boy is named Adeline!


The German car manufacturer has plenty of fans and you can give them the gift of this wonderful name. It’s a funny name with A for your kid.


Sansa is one of the names that soared to popularity after the popular show, Game of Thrones. You could choose it as a rare name for your little girl.


Another awesome and funny baby boy name for you to choose, Mowgli is a great option, after the protagonist of Jungle Book.


A game that everybody loves, and you too can name your child after it. Cricket is a great name that will resonate with anyone who interacts with your child.


A popular music instrument, Banjo is another rare and popular name you can give your little one.

Fish and Chips

That’s right, that’s an actual name of a pair of twins from New Zealand. The government banned the name of course, but could you imagine the kids walking around with it for a while?


A woman in Norway decided to name her child Bridge and ended up going to jail for a couple of days just for the sheer stupidity of the option she chose.


Bud is a common name but when it’s combined with Light, it becomes a popular beer brand in the United States that you won’t really forget in a long time.


That’s a name for a little one they won’t really have a problem with. It’s short, sweet and absolutely adorable. You can consider it as a nickname as well.


That’s an actual name of a person and it’s a sweet way to ensure everybody remembers his or her name, no matter the time of the day or year.


Fish is a popular food but as a name, it can stand out for sure. It’s a name that is unique and universally loved, so you must consider it for sure.


Spiky is a great option for anyone who wants to name their kid something unique, funny and different. Spiky is a popular option as a funny name and definitely something you must consider.


If your child shows tendencies of power and speed, then Blazer is a great option to choose.


That’s a stylish name, isn’t it?


A sweet name but also the name of a legend, you can’t really go wrong with Ringo.


A shortened version of the name Bartholomew, it’s a great option to consider for your little one at any point in time.


Yes, Cat is an actual name and it’s time you called your kid that.


A lovable name that is known all across the United States, Bubba is a great option for your kid.


Completely new and a definite name that will stand out from the rest.

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So, so cute and very innovative indeed.


A divine force that hit you when you decided to name your kid this.


Perfect and immaculate in every way.


That’s sounds a bit iffy, but definitely memorable.


A name that means love, it’s something you might want your child to be associated with.


A name that actually means, ‘miser.’ It’s decent sounding though.


That’s an actual name of a kid who probably was witness to something terrible.


You won’t have trouble locating this kid.


A beautiful yet funny name when you say it out aloud.


Just in case she does turn into one, you can say you called it first!

 Willow Sage

A deeply divine name that actually means nothing if you look at it.


That’s right, the capers of Santa and Banta are super famous in India.


While that’s a name that rouses happiness, it’s a fairly common name in India.


Yep, your child will end up sailing the seven seas in style.


Why not name your child after the vigilante saviour of the people. Batman is definitely a name that will stick out of the rest and strike fear in anyone who wishes harm upon your baby.


If your kid is super powerful and definitely loves to make his or her mark known in the world, then Stompie is one name you could seriously consider for them.

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If your kid is super-fast and shows tendencies of intense pace, you could consider naming him Speedy because then it’ll go well with his personality.


It’s a name that exists for real and it belongs to some poor kid in the USA, who still has no idea how to explain how his parents decided to call him that.


It’s a name no one will forget in an instant and its definitely something your child won’t forget in an instant. Grammophon can also be spelt in a different way to stand out from the rest.

 Chow Tow

The Malaysian Government ended up banning this name as it translates to ‘smelly head’ and someone actually decided to name their child that!


A name that mixes Pinto and Jo, it’s that easy, no?


This is actually a type of motorcross race but some people take their love to the extreme.


Let’s just get right down to it.


What does that even mean? Still sounds like a legit name though!


In case the Galaxy ends up suing for copyright issues, just play this one safe.


The one in the sky requires a name to match its ultimate skill.

 Moxie Crimefighter

A funny name that seems to talk about a lot but just doesn’t go anywhere.


Please bear with his kid who has to live with it for the rest of his life.

Cricket Pearl

A name that combines the things a guy likes and the thing a girl likes in one.


The parents of this child must have been die-hard fans of the well-known sports channel. Take cue!

 Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lily

A name that combines so many elements to become one powerful unit.


This one’s really funny! It seems like the parents were trying to squeeze as many consonants as they could in one name!


So you never lose a grip on that name.


This is a name that never puzzles or confuses anyone!


The name sure sounds spooky when spelled backward. Perhaps that’s the intention?


A cute little name for a cute little baby, Sparrow is a cool option if you’re a nature and bird lover. You can pass on the love to your little one as well.

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This is the actual name of one of the journalists working for the BBC, so you know it is something you could consider for your little one.


A lovely number that’s considered lucky for many, Seven is a popular name that even David Beckham used for his little daughter’s name. She was his lucky number after three boys in a row.


Brand obsession has taken many different levels, and Puma is one name that sticks out from the rest. A renowned American Musician, Erykah Badu named her child Puma, after the lifestyle brand.


Camera is the real name of tennis legend Arthur Ashe’s child, who decided on the name for his little one. Considering his time being clicked on the court, it isn’t a really surprising name.


If you feel your kid being naughtier than usual, he/she could be up to mischief at all times. It’s a great name to mirror their personality and Bandit is definitely one that no one will forget in a long time.


Social media has well and truly taken over every aspect of life and Hashtag is one of the names given to a baby, thanks to their love for social media.


Yes, that’s a name an Egyptian couple gave their little daughter. So much love for social media they wanted their legacy to be carried on by the name as well, which played a role in the Egyptian Revolution


Sandwiches are a staple for anyone who loves their food and Mustard is definitely one of the best fillings you can place to make them taste better. It’s also a name you can opt for your little boy.


If you love your fruits and want your kid to be named something sweet, then Cherry is one of the best options for you to choose from. There are 12 people around the world who have the name Cherry Grant.

 Summer Rain

A lovely name to consider – it brings solace knowing that rains can take away the heat during summer and provide the much needed coolness you desire.

River Rose

If you’re a lover of nature, then River Rose is a great name to consider because it combines two of the greatest inventions of Mother Nature together in one beautiful name.


Nutella is an actual name some parents have chosen for their little one, as a tribute for their love of the chocolate spread that the world loves.

Daisy Boo

Yup, that’s an actual name. It is the moniker of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s little daughter and was apparently chosen because they were die-hard fans of Disney characters.


Born to be free and wild, this is an actual name celebrity couple Barbara Hershey and David Carradine chose for their little one. Free is a great option because it showcases what you’d like your little child to be growing up!


A lovely country with a lovelier name, India is a great name for a little girl. Chris Hemsworth named his daughter India Rose as a tribute to the country and his love for it.

Megaa Omari

This is the coolest and funniest name and there is definitely no comparison with any of the other names on this list when it comes to funny sounding name options for your little one.


A popular and famous name that sounds like a legend. It will definitely stand out among the rest and bring out a feeling of style and substance at the same time.

Royal Reign

This is a popular name that the son of Lil Kim and Papers named their little one. It showcases the royalty of their little one and how proudly they can claim the name as their own.


This is a great name for your little one and is definitely one that has a lot of meaning too. Bodhi in Sanskrit means ‘awakened’ and it is a cool name for you to consider.

Buzz Michelangelo

Buzz Michelangelo is the name of two popular characters – Buzz from Toy Story and legendary artist Michelangelo together. You can combine characters for your kids’ names and get a unique result every time.

Saint Lazslo

This is a funny name that sounds absolutely different and unique. It brings with it a sense of mystique and fondness and is an option you can give your little one at any point of time.


This is a terribly funny name that your kid or anyone else who interacts with won’t forget for a long time. Thinn is definitely an option to consider.


If you’re a fan of the popular exercise form, then Yoga is definitely a name for you to consider giving your little one. It’s a name that’s easy to remember for life.


Drawing inspiration from the famous country, New Zealand, this is definitely a name for you to consider giving your little one at any point of time.


Love your fast-food? Then name your child Burger and watch them take over the world in style, with a name that won’t ever go out of style.


Just for kicks? This is another funny and bizarre name you could consider giving your little one as they flaunt their stylish name for the rest of the world.


This is a name that is generally given to a small lobster but it’s also a funny-sounding name that your little one will love.


Another day of the week everybody loves, so why not share it with your little one. Friday is a popular name that gets everyone excited, any time of the year.

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