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Top 10 Smallest Rivers in the World

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Why have they termed rivers if they are so small? It is due they have continual water flowing that originates in the uplands and ends in seas, lakes, or marshes. Some lakes contain more water than these rivers. Five of the ten shortest rivers are in Europe, four are in the Americas, and one is in Asia.

The Tamborasi River

These Are Shortest Rivers In The World |

Tamborasi River


The Tamborasi River flows through Tamborasi, Kolaka, Indonesia. It is approximately 70 kilometers north of Kolaka. it is often said to be the world’s shortest river, with a length of 20 m and a width of about 15 m. It discharges into the Flores Sea. It is a popular tourist destination due to its forested rocky banks and cold waters, as well as the white sand of Tamborasi beachfront at its mouth.

Norwegian Kovasselva

What Is the World's Shortest River? | HowStuffWorks

Norwegian Kovasselva River

This Norwegian Kovasselva river flows only 22 meters from Lake Kovassvatnet to the Norwegian Sea. It can be found on Hitra, Norway’s seventh-largest island. The cities closest to it are Kristiansund and Orkanger in the municipality of Trondheim.

The Reprua

Reprua River

The Reprua

The Reprua is a river in Abkhazia’s Gagra District. It is one of the world’s smallest designated rivers, at only 27 meters in length. The river’s origins are the streams in the karst Krubera Cave. In the southwestern borders of Gagra, the Reprua runs into the Black Sea. With a depth of more than 2300 m and a water circulation rate of 2,000 l per second, this river is the deepest on the planet.

The Ombla

The Ombla River in Dubrovnik is one of the shortest in the world and the source of drinking water for the city | Croatia hotels, Villa dubrovnik, Dubrovnik

The Ombla

The Ombla is a small river in Croatia that flows northeast of Dubrovnik. It has a length of around 30 meters and flows into the Rijeka Dubrovaka, a ria formed by the Adriatic Sea near Komolac in Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Ombla provides drinking water to Dubrovnik, its neighboring city.

The Idrijca River

idrijca-river-spring - TRAVELSLOVENIA.ORG – All You Need To Know To Visit Slovenia

The Idrijca River

The Idrijca River runs through the Idrija and Cerkno Hills. It is 60 kilometers long. Jezernica, which is barely 55 meters long, flows from the Wild Lake, which is both a lake and a karst spring with an underlying water source. Water flow levels as high as 60 cubic meters per second have been observed here.

The Roe River

Roe River celebrated as shortest river in the world | KECI

The Roe River

The Roe River flows from Giant Springs in Montana to the Missouri River at Great Falls. The Roe River is only 201 feet long at its longest consistent point and was designated the World’s Shortest River by the Guinness Book of World Records before the classification was removed. This river has been reported to be navigated by ships exceeding 500 tonnes.

Los Patos

Rio Los Patos (San Juan) - 2021 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) - Tripadvisor

Rio Los Patos

Los Patos is also 61 metres long and flows into the Caribbean Sea at the famous tourist destination of Barahona Beach. Los Patos, which translates to “ducks,” was called for the large number of birds that were once present in this river before they were shot to death Muscovy ducks have been brought back to the river in order for it to live up to its reputation.

The D River

D River Wayside, Lincoln City, Oregon Coast

D River


The D River is a river in Lincoln City, Oregon, in the United States. The once-unnamed river was formerly the “shortest river in the world,” according to Guinness World Records, at 440 feet. The Devil’s Lake feeds the D River, which runs into the Pacific Ocean. It runs for 130 meters within the city borders of Lincoln City, Oregon, US, which hosts two of the world’s largest kite festivals in the spring and fall.

The Azuis River

Rio Azuis Aurora do Tocantins | Tickets & Tours - Tripadvisor

The Azuis River

The Azuis River flows through Aurora do the Tocantins in the Brazilian state of Tocantins. As per Guinness World Records, it is the shortest river in Brazil and Latin America, and one of the smallest rivers in the world, with a length of only 147 meters. Its clean waters flow across a rocky river bed at a flow rate of around 11,000 l of water/s from an underground spring.

The Aril River

The Shortest River in Italy - River Aril in Cassone at Lake Garda

The Aril River

The Aril River, often known as the ‘Ri river’ by locals, begins in Cassone, a tiny village in Italy. Aril is supplied by numerous freshwater streams and makes a tiny cold pond where fish lay their eggs. The river flows about 175 meters, passing under three bridges and past a minor waterfall before reaching Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake.



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