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Top 10 Rum Brands In India (Costly)

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Top 10 Rum Brands In India

Top 10 Rum Brands In India: “Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest… Yo-ho-ho and a jug of rum” goes the popular ocean tune from Treasure Island, the exemplary novel by R.L. Stevensen. The vast majority of the rum delivering countries are arranged in Latin America or around the Caribbean Islands, clarifying its association with mariners and furthermore with privateers. India isn’t a long ways behind in rum utilization, truth be told separated from high volume of homegrown utilization, India is likewise an outstanding exporter of rum to the world.

Rum is typically delivered by nations with high sugarcane creation and is produced using molasses (a sugarcane side-effect) or from sugarcane squeeze and ranges from Dark hued developed rums to golden shaded ones. The most helpful isolation depends on their shading. The two sorts of rum’s in this manner obtained are either Premium Dark Rum or White Rum. While the top notch assortment is intended for tasting, the white assortment is for the most part utilized as a base for mixed drinks.

Here is a rundown of Top 10 rum brands in India.

Havana Club

Havana club - Rum Brands In India

Havana club – Rum Brands In India

Price: INR 1,100 for 750 ml

Presented in Cuba in 1934, Havana Club is a rich and exquisite Cuban rum. It has a wide assortment of rums specifically Havana Club Añejo 3 Años, Havana Club Añejo Reserva, Havana Club Añejo Blanco, Havana Club Añejo 7 Años, and Havana Club Añejo Especial. This financial plan well disposed rum in India has additionally a plant in Punjab and has an unpretentious taste of vanilla and chocolate. Havana Club is the ideal decision for making colorful mixed drinks and delighted in best with fiery finger food.


 Hercules - Rum Brands In India

Hercules – Rum Brands In India

Price: INR 672 for 750 ml

Well known among the safeguard powers of India, Hercules Deluxe rum is one of the first class reasonable rums accessible on the lookout. The brand has a white as well as dull rum variation and best of all, it doesn’t leave with a headache. Hercules’ Deluxe 3X dim rum is the most normally consumed variation of the brand across India. It has a rich, complex flavor and goes down the throat easily.

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Contessa - Rum Brands In India

Contessa – Rum Brands In India

Price: INR 260 for 750 ml

Another of the best rum brands in India is Contessa. It is broadly well known among the protection section in the nation and offers a smooth and striking taste. This rum is made from stick juice soul and has matured for a considerable length of time. Contessa is a modest rum brand which is won a few honors for its quality. It has the taste notes of vanilla and cocoa making this dim rum ideal for mixed drinks. Aside from India, Contessa XXX rum is sold across 60 unique nations.

Old Port

Old Port - Rum Brands In India

Old Port – Rum Brands In India

Price: INR 650 (Approx.) for 750 ml

One of the most incredible rum brands in India that offers a little sweet taste is Old Port. This Indian rum is refined, matured and packaged in Bangalore, utilizing 100 percent Indian natural sweetener. The most outstanding aspect of this rum is that it is reasonable and offers a rich taste of vanilla and butterscotch. Old Port rum has the ideal equilibrium of sweet and zesty flavors which makes it ideal to consume with cola or utilizing it to make fascinating mixed drinks. The brand has various variations of the rum specifically Old Port Deluxe Rum, Old Port Matured Rum, Amrut XXX Classic Rum, Amrut XXX.

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Clement - Rum Brands In India

Clement – Rum Brands In India

Price: INR 4,857 for 700 ml

This one is certifiably not a rum rather it’s a rhum which is a more regular structure. A premium yet one of the most epic rhum made with the best determination of sugarcane squeeze and refined flawlessly. Lenient Rhum has a delicate and oaky finish which is the nearest you will get to unadulterated, normal rhum. This rhum is created and developed cautiously and an absolute necessity go after each rum sweetheart once in a blue moon.

Malibu Rum Drinks

Malibu - Rum Brands In India

Malibu – Rum Brands In India

Price: INR 1650 for 750 ml

One of the most amazing rum brands in India as well as on the planet is Malibu. This Caribbean rum has a rich coconut trailing sensation which makes it unique in relation to this large number of best rum brands in India. To know the taste, it resembles a Hawaiian excursion in your mouth. Malibu rum has a kind of blended enthusiasm natural product, pineapple, mango, island melon, and banana. It is best delighted in with a blender like a pineapple juice and new organic products. The brand is claimed by Pernod Ricard and is one of the most mind-blowing rum you’ll at any point have.

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Bacardi Black

Barcadi Black - Rum Brands In India

Barcadi Black – Rum Brands In India

Price: INR 420 for 750 ml

From the creators of the world’s rum image, Bacardi Black is a dim rum in the financial plan amicable portion. The rum is matured as long as 3 years in vigorously singed oak barrels, daintily separated through charcoal to hold its remarkable shading and fragrance. Bacardi Balck is sans gluten and has as low as 0.9 carbs per serving (1.5 oz). The brand has different variations of rum and is generally accessible across alcohol shops in India. This rum is famously utilized in making party mixed drinks and some food dishes also.

Bacardi White

Barcadi White - Rum Brands In India

Barcadi White – Rum Brands In India

Price: INR 1500 for 750 ml

A white rum from Bacardi that has sweet and fruity on the sense of taste. Otherwise called Bacardi Superior, this rum it’s broadly utilized in making light reviving mixed drinks like the Mojito and Daiquiri. It is one of the most mind-blowing rum in India that is accessible in fantastic fruity flavors like Apple, Strawberry, Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange and Raspberry. The brand was established in 1862 and hold the biggest market fragment in the rum alcohol space.

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Captain Morgan Rum

Captain Morgan - Rum Brands In India

Captain Morgan – Rum Brands In India

Price – INR 780 for 750ml 

Captain Morgan is a Spiced Rum with a molasses base and is promoted in India by Diageo, Captain Morgan was named after Sir Henry Morgan. A festival of Jamaican legacy, the rich taste and full-bodied surface of this dim rum settle on the brand a famous decision. Matured in oak barrels for an extraordinary flavor, Captain Morgan’s rich completion is seldom truly frustrating. It is known the world over for its special flavor and is accessible in fluctuated structures. However there are different flavors accessible in the International business sectors just Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rumand Captain Morgan Black Jamaica Rum are accessible in India.

“Live like the Captain”, Caption Morgan’s brand label read.

Old Monk Rum

Old Monk - Rum Brands In India

Old Monk – Rum Brands In India

Price – INR 466 for 750 ml

Old Monk rum has been one 100% of the time of India’s most famous rum brands with a dedicated fan base, posting it as the best rum in India. It is likewise one of the greatest Indian Made Foreign Liqueur Brands on the planet. Delivered in the refineries of Mohan Meakin Ltd., Old Monk was first sent off in 1935, a famous considered Indian dim rum.

Made in the well known customary cycle, after which it’s mixed for a long time, this dim rum, albeit high in liquor content, has a pleasant smell and taste. It has a liquor content of 42.8%. Indeed, even the jugs are exceptional to the Old Monk brand; the wide-lined jugs are hand made, making each jug marginally interesting.

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