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10 Beliefs That The Quran & Bible Share

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10 Beliefs That The Quran & Bible Share

Quran and Bible are viewed as two unique books yet there are a ton of likenesses between them.

So here are 10 Beliefs That Quran & Bible Share!

God’s prescience.

Beliefs That The Quran & Bible Share-God's prescience

Beliefs That The Quran & Bible Share-God’s prescience

This has to do with God’s force of prescience. Quran says in 57:22, “No everything goes south upon the earth or among yourselves with the exception of that it is in a register,before We create it – for sure that, for Allah, is simple”. Then, in the Bible, Isaiah 42:9 says, “See, the previous things have occurred, and new things I proclaim; before they spring into being I report them to you.”


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