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Top 10 Random Unknown Facts

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Most of us aren’t into deep research on all the things we do or hear daily. That is where we are lacking to unravel the most uncommon and mysterious facts that no one ever knows. Every second something somewhere is changing and we for sure are not aware of that stuff. Randomly digging into those incredible upheavals we can disentangle some of the most amazing facts of all time.

Now I’m here with the top 10 random facts that you are all not even heard about. So get ready for stupefaction about the earth’s past, present, and future. 

Rainbows can appear at night

Rainbows at night


No people in the world would hate rainbows. It is a beautiful effect on the sky that people illustrated for many positive scenarios. Most commonly we all might have seen rainbows in daylight and had never moved even a step until it disappears. But did you all know that rainbows can appear even at night? Yes, it is known as Moonbow and they appear a tone lighter than the usual rainbow. It is caused by the moon and be seen near waterfalls or at any specific raining conditions: there should be a full moon that shouldn’t be too high in the sky and the place shouldn’t be too dark. 

There is a website to track the real-time population of the world


Population tracker

It may sound creepy but it’s true! As of 2021, the overall population of the world has been estimated as 7.8 billion and above. So if you want to know the real-time population of the world you can have an access to the World Population Clock and witness the birth and death counts for real. 

Fake diamonds can be identified by breathing on it


Fake versus original

Diamonds are one amongst the most precious stones in the world. People have a special craze for this shining crystal clear stone. But as the saying goes, “All that glitters are not gold”, even the diamonds can be fake sometimes. Even there are so many modern technologies to test its purity, one of the oldest methods of testing the purity of a diamond is to just breathe on it. If it’s a real one it will have no effects on it but if it’s a fake one it will turn foggy as you breathe. 

The bluebird from the Twitter logo has a name



As we all know Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms. All those social networks will have their logo. It is no wonder that Twitter has a bluebird as their logo. And how many of us know that it has a name? Yes, the bluebird has been named Larry. It was named by the founders of Twitter after the basketball player Larry Bird.

You are always seven years behind in Ethiopia


Ethiopian Calendar


How could this be even possible? But yes! there are no other myths or modern technology for this but it’s just because of the calendar that the Ethiopians follow. Just like the Georgian calendar( that most of us follow) the Ethiopian calendar mark Christ’s birth as the starting point. Yet following certain Annunciation of Christ they are still seven to eight years behind. 

Humans cannot breathe and swallow simultaneously  

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Breathing and swallowing cannot be done simultaneously

As multitasking creatures we humans are capable of doing a set of chores all at once. But there are also certain things that we cannot do simultaneously. One such task is that we cannot breathe and swallow at the same time. There is a scientific fact behind it. The food and fluids we intake and the air that we breathe flow down the same part of our throat. 

The color you see when you close your eyes has a name 

128859805 young man with blindfold on blue background space for


Everything in the world has some meaning and will have its name to it. In the same way, the color seen when you close your eyes is known as eigengrau, which means intrinsic gray. It’s no longer black as we assumed till today. It’s the kind of dark gray people see when they completely shut their eyes. 

Heels were first designed for men


Heels for men

At the peak of the women’s fashion world, high heels have a lot more to do with their style statement. Contrasting to these men nowadays, do not choose high heels as a part of their fashion. But interestingly when looked back into history, this elevated footwear was first designed for men. 

Cows don’t have upper front teeth 


Cows upper teeth

Some of the unique anatomical features of animals may be astonishing sometimes. To strength this fact it seems that cows do not have their upper row of front teeth. They only have the molars at the end. But instead of teeth animals like cows, sheep, goats have a thick layer of tissue known as a dental pad. 

It snows in the Sahara Desert

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Snow in Desert

 If asked, Do deserts have snowfall? What will be your retort? It will be a big no. But nature always tends to surprise us in some or the other forms. Here, in this case, deserts do have snowfall occasionally. The first snowfall in Sahara desert was on 1979 followed by December 2016 and January 2018. 

So, we are at the end of a fascination and thoughtful reading stint. Hope you might have had a feeling of awe whilst going over this. Here onwards start being researchers at what ever you do. There are yet millions of facts to be deciphered. Be the one who asks questions to yourself and also try finding the solutions all by yourself. 



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