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Top 10 Netflix Shows

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Netflix and chill!

The above-mentioned slang has gained huge popularity in the last few years. And why shouldn’t it? After all, Netflix has established itself as the top streaming network worldwide. Do you remember those times when people used to wait for the arrival of their favourite episodes on a daily or a weekly basis? As the streaming platform grew more popular, people found it easier to watch all the episodes at once. Furthermore, it also started streaming movies on the same day of their release. Many cinema enthusiasts strongly criticized this tradition of Netflix. They believe it may kill the theatres for good.

Right now, the world is facing the horrifying ill effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is definitely not safe to go outside and have a theatre experience. The importance of streaming networks like Netflix has augmented than ever before. People need to reside in their houses and keep themselves safe. That’s where this streaming network delivers pure entertainment to the viewers at their homes.

We have listed down the top 10 Netflix shows for the diehard tv-series junkies. Go through the entire list now!

Cobra Kai

cobra kai

Cobra Kai (2018-present)

Keeping The Karate Kid universe alive, Cobra Kai is one of the most popular Netflix shows of all time. The show explores the life of the leading man, Johnny Lawrence. William Zabka from the original films portrays this character. On the other hand, Ralph Macchio also returns to play the role of Daniel LaRusso. The plot displays Johnny’s path intertwining with Daniel, who also defeated him in a karate tournament in 1984. He saves his neighbour, Miguel, from a gang of bullies by utilizing his karate skills. Eventually, he agrees to become his sensei.

The series was first released on YouTube. After delivering a successful second season, it got shifted to Netflix. It received praise for outstanding fight sequences, amazing performances, and maintaining the spirit of the 1980s Karate Kid movies.

Stranger Things

stranger things

Stranger Things (2016-present)

This show has helped Netflix in attracting millions of audiences on a global scale. With the deft and innovative direction of The Duffer Brothers, this sci-fi horror instalment has paved its way towards greatness. It has served as a career launching pad for Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, and others. Other than bestowing the iconic opening theme, it has provided astonishing storylines with heart-touching performances. The action and the visual effects are staggering.

The fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, becomes the epicentre of all the horrifying scientific things that occur after the emergence of a secret research facility in the town. It is later revealed that the scientists at the facility were experimenting on an alternate dimension, The Upside Down. A terrifying creature escapes from the dimension and abducts Will Byers. Things become more strange when a girl named Eleven escapes from that facility and finds herself in the company of three schoolgoing nerdy boys. Eleven also possesses telekinetic abilities.

The Crown

the crown

The Crown (2016-present)

Inspired by the life of Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown is also one of the most expensive tv shows ever. It has already dispatched four outstanding seasons to the viewers. Claire Foy portrayed the role of the Queen in the first two seasons. Olivia Colman played the same role in the next two instalments. Now, Imelda Staunton will lead the show from season 5. The show displays the different phases of the reign of the Queen. One of the greatest music composers, Hans Zimmer, has composed the theme song. It has received acclaim for its performances, vintage settings, costumes, and cinematography.

Peaky Blinders

peaky blinders

Peaky Blinders (2013-present)

With Steven Knight at the helm, Peaky Blinders has emerged as one of the most popular and stylish tv-series of all time. Set during the aftermath of World War I, it showcases the works of a fictional gang, Peaky Blinders, and their charismatic boss, Tommy Shelby. It has delivered five spectacular seasons to the fans. Knight has confirmed that the upcoming entry will be the last instalment of this series. The stellar cast consisting of Cillian Murphy, Late Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson, Sophie Rundle, Joe Cole, and others performed exceptionally well. It has singled out for its stylish cinematography, music, breathtaking visuals, and amazing plot.

Sex Education

sex education

Sex Education (2019-present)

Do you remember those times when our parents stepped out of their comfort zones and explained to us about the ‘ding-dong’ process? Come on! Don’t be shy! Just kidding, folks! Now, imagine one of your parents working as a sex therapist. Damn! This show centred upon the life of an insecure boy, Otis, who is pretty comfortable while talking about intercourse. Her friend, Maeve, helps him in opening a sex advice group in their school. It has been widely appreciated for its performances, character growth, and matured take on the subject. Other than sex, it also focuses on various social issues.

BoJack Horseman

bojack horseman

BoJack Horseman (2014-2020)

Have you ever imagined talking animals and humans living side by side? This show is based on that universe. And BoJack serves as the protagonist of this series. He is an anthropomorphic horse who once was a megastar in the 1990s. In addition to raising three orphans, he also deals with alcoholism and drugs issue. He plans to regain his fame by launching his autobiography. The first season was not a big hit. But it all changed with the release of its sophomore season. Now, it is counted among one of the best Netflix shows. The series ended last year with its sixth season.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

a series of unfortunate events

A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017-2019)

This Lemony Snicket’s tale has been told many times in different versions. And we love to watch it again and again! The theatrical version of this story did not perform well at the box office. Although, Jim Carrey’s portrayal of Count Olaf was spot on. However, this Netflix series proved that it is still possible to enjoy this story. The show received critical acclaim for its performances, storytelling, lavish settings, costumes, and high production values. Barney, or should we say, Neil Patrick Harris gave a knockout performance as Olaf. He literally carried the entire show on his talented shoulders. The show is based upon the fictional family of The Baudelaires. After losing their parents, the Baudelaire kids receive the custody of the vicious Count Olaf. He plans to inherit the entire Baudelaire property.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

unbreakable kimmy schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015-2019)

Under the brilliant minds of Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, this show has been hailed as the greatest sitcom in the history of the streaming networks. The main character, Kimmy, along with her three friends, gets rescued from a doomsday cult. For 15 long years, they were caged against their will by a reverend. She decides to change her life by moving to New York City. She gets a nice job and a struggling actor as her roommate. The show explores how she adjusts herself to the present environment after being held for so long.



Dark (2017-2020)

Dark is the most mind-twisting and shocking instalment in the history of Netflix. Despite having a complex plot, it beautifully attracts the attention of its viewers with its dark atmospheres, gripping plot, amazing performances, astounding visuals, and terrific music. It starts with a sudden disappearance of a child that gradually turns into a time travel conspiracy. A total of four families get widely affected by it. Their past and upcoming generations get threatened by this sinister plan. Despite being a German-language show, it has received worldwide prominence and love from the audience.



Mindhunter (2017-2019)

Despite getting cancelled after delivering two extraordinary seasons, Mindhunter clearly deserves the top spot on this list. Netflix received strong criticism for pulling the plugs from this astonishing psychological thriller show. David Fincher deserves a special round of applause for taking this series to new heights. It explores the origins of the Behavioural Science Unit of the FBI in the 1970s. The magnetic duo of Holden Ford and Bill Tench conducts several interviews of notable serial killers to understand their thinking and perspective behind murdering their victims. Charlize Theron also serves as one of the executive producers of the show.

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