Whether staggering on board a ramshackle boat as an inebriated privateer or making a decent, thoughtful person out of a man with scissors for hands, Johnny Depp has an astonishingly unusual acting oeuvre. While he has been condemned for wandering from his emotional roots, turning out to be progressively OK with the Jack Sparrow-esque characters, his much-ballyhooed return to shape as genuine Boston hoodlum “Whitey” Bulger in Black Mass should quiet his downers, however, even a ‘normal’ role for Depp means he’s wearing a bear cap, slathering his face in make-up, and staying blue contact focal points into his eyeballs.

In any case, it takes astounding chutzpah to focus on a portrayal as Johnny Depp does. To any creation that will have him, he’s worth his weight in gold.

Here are the Top 10 Most Shocking Johnny Depp Characters:

Jack Sparrow – Pirates Of The Caribbean (2003 -)


Johnny Deep

As the saying goes, we as a whole have one great story in us. Assuming that Johnny Depp had only one story, it would almost certainly be Jack Sparrows. Nobody created the staggering, tipsy pirate more than Depp himself, whose presentation was propelled by shocking Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards. Out of the caves of his creative mind, Depp saw matches between 18th-century privateers and 20th-century demigods, with their directing energy, their flashy dress, and their inclination for mind-changing substances.

What Depp contrived was so extraordinary and startling that Disney executives Bob Iger and Michael Eisner nearly terminated him from the creation, panicked that his strange interpretation of the privateer’s life would lose their target fans. Yet, allowing Johnny Depp to do his thing ended up being one of the most shrewd business choices in Disney history. Jack Sparrow has additionally ended up being number one among crowds. Depp is set to star in the following Pirates film 2017.