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Top 10 Harry Potter Characters

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Just like that, we like to welcome you to this page! We have listed down the top 10 characters of the Harry Potter franchise. Also, they are probably the best characters in the overall J. K. Rowling’s wizarding world. We have not mentioned the wizards or witches from the Fantastic Beasts series as their characters are not fully developed yet. On the other hand, we share an unbreakable bond with all the HP characters as we have watched them for many years. So, it will be a bit cruel to ignore their contribution here.

Numerous outstanding characters have surfaced in the HP series since the events of the first instalment, the Philosopher’s Stone (2001). It was a tough job for us to sort the best ones and integrate them on this beautiful list. We wish we had the Sorting Hat with us for this procedure!

Anyway, let’s look at the top 10 Harry Potter characters!

Neville Longbottom

neville longbottom

Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis)

The growth of Neville in the overall Harry Potter series still amazes us. Nobody would have imagined in their wildest dreams that a fainthearted Gryffindor boy could slay a Horcrux (Nagini) in the final movie. That scene still manages to bring goosebumps on our skins. His parents, Frank and Alice Longbottom, were famous Aurors and proud members of the Order of the Phoenix. However, their son was always ridiculed for his timid nature and inability to show signs of magic. But he was the only one who held his ground against the evil Voldemort when everyone thought that Harry was gone. A true braveheart!

Draco Malfoy

draco malfoy

Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton)

Voldemort might have been Harry’s archenemy, but the person who hated him the most is none other than Draco Malfoy! Born as the son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, he was proud of being a true-blood. His bully and malicious manners often got him in verbal spats with Harry and his friends, Ron and Hermoine. He was forced to become a Death Eater as his father failed horribly in his job at the Ministry of Magic (fifth instalment). He was picked especially by the Dark Lord to finish off Albus Dumbledore.

Rubeus Hagrid

rubeus hagrid

Rubeus Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane)

Meet the most kind-hearted character in the overall HP franchise… Rubeus Hagrid! He may possess the size of a half-giant. But his heart is filled with nothing but warmth. His loyalty is unmatched. That’s why Dumbledore trusted him with the post of Care of Magical Creatures. He is a perfect blend of toughness and tenderness. Grawp is his giant half-brother who appears in Order of the Phoenix (2007).

Sirius Black

sirius black

Sirius Black (Gary Oldman)

Sirius Black is undoubtedly one of the most lovable characters in J. K. Rowling’s wizarding world. His family was notorious for producing prominent evil wizards or witches. One of them was his deranged cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange. She also became the reason for his death. Despite appearing in only three HP instalments, his humane persona stole the heart of every diehard HP fan. He might have had a lot of adventures in his time at Hogwarts, but the death of Harry’s parents changed his life forever. Later, he was wrongly framed as one of the most infamous prisoners of Azkaban.



Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes)

Tom Marvolo Riddle… or better known by his other name, Lord Voldemort! Despite promoting blood purity throughout his life, he was himself a Half-Blood. His father was an ordinary muggle. But his mother belonged to the descendants of Salazar Slytherin. It made him a true Slytherin heir (Chamber of Secrets). One of his ill-famed talents included Parseltongue. He excelled at communicating with snakes.

Set to invalidate the prophecy which predicted his death by a young boy, he focused on Harry’s family and killed his parents. Surprisingly, the charm reversed and mutilated his physical body. But a fragment of his soul survived and attached with Harry. Before this incident, he broke his soul into seven parts and hid them in different objects (Horcruxes). He met his demise during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Albus Dumbledore

albus dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore (Richard Harris/Micheal Gambon)

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore! You are looking at the most powerful and skilled wizard in the history of the wizarding world. Widely known for his unique and unpredictable behaviour, he was also the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, he had a very troubled childhood. Aberforth and Arianna were his siblings. The latter lost her due to a horrible accident. Additionally, his relationship with his brother was complicated.

Dumbledore was the only sorcerer who defeated Grindelwald when the latter became one of the most nefarious wizards of all time. His guidance proved to be most useful to Harry in destroying all the Horcruxes. He was the one who spared Draco the torment of his murder.

Severus Snape

severus snape

Severus Snape (Alan Rickman)

A true HP fan can never forget Snape’s dark appearance with long oiled hair and black-coloured robes. He might have hated Harry for looking similar to James, but his heart always belonged to his mother, Lily. He loved her to death. First, he was hired as a Potions Master. Although, he wanted the job of Defence Against the Dark Arts. Many students strongly believed that he was keener towards the Dark Arts. He earned the trust of The Dark Lord despite secretly working for Dumbledore.

Ron Weasley

ron weasley

Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint)

Ronald Weasley is the best example of a true and loyal friend. Admit it! We all want a friend like him in our lives. He, along with Hermione, has helped Harry overcoming numerous life-threatening obstacles in his life. He does not mind being overshadowed by Harry’s fame. However, there were times when their friendship reached the brink of collapse. But thanks to his senses, he reconciled with Harry all the times. His family was poor. But his family members treated Harry and Hermoine like one of their own. His little sister, Ginny, later married Harry. After the Battle of Hogwarts, he served as an Auror and later handled Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes with his brother George.

Hermione Granger

hermione granger

Hermione Granger (Emma Watson)

Imagine yourself giving a tough competition to Hermione Granger in wizarding academics… It looks impossible, right? Well, you must not beat yourself as she is the most talented and intelligent witch in Harry’s class. Despite showing her competitive skills, she is also a kind human being who cares a lot about her friends. Her muggle-born identity never demotivated her. She played an important role in the destruction of all the Horcruxes. After the Battle of Hogwarts, she went back there and completed her magical education. She dedicated her life to change the orthodox magical laws and regulations that originally favoured the pure-bloods. She even became the Minister of Magic.

Harry Potter

harry potter

Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe)

The Boy Who Lived!

Several prominent franchises have surfaced since the inception of movies. And not many titular characters have received the honour of becoming the best character in their respective franchises. But Harry Potter is surely not one of them. His growth and character development throughout the series is wonderful and mesmerizing. He always stood up for what was right. He saved his real home, Hogwarts, numerous times from menacing threats. From protecting the Philosopher’s Stone to defeating Voldemort in an epic magical duel, he has travelled a long and adventurous journey. People have pointed out countless times that he bore his father’s resemblance. But he had his mother’s green eyes and heart filled with kindness.

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