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Top 10 Biggest And Most Supported Football Clubs In The World

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Top 10 Biggest And Most Supported Football Clubs
Top 10 Biggest And Most Supported Football Clubs

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This inquiry has been posed to many, often previously. It has caused contentions from family supper tables and bars to public broadcasts and fan shows. However, nobody has very had the option to track down a worthy unit of estimation. In this article, we at WFF, who have some expertise in this superb utilized various factors and sources going from social after and shirt deals to income numbers and the clubs’ monetary worth. You may end up contradicting the discoveries, yet one thing is without a doubt, football is a world religion and we will investigate the club’s prominence, riches, and influence. Who do you believe is the universe’s greatest football club? We should discover beneath.


Paris Saint-German

Les Parisiens. Top 10 Biggest And Most Supported Football Clubs In The World (2021).

Social Following
Facebook 41 million
Instagram 31.3 million
Twitter 10 million
Shirt Sales: 685 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: 20 million a year
Average match attendance: 46856/47929
Worldwide fans: 35 million
Revenue: £499 million
Club value: £990 million


Les Parisiens (The Parisians) is the epithet of PSG. The French monsters were established uniquely in 1970 yet are the most mainstream group in France.

The solitary French group to make the rundown, notwithstanding, it will be nothing unexpected to anybody to see PSG make the rundown. Albeit just established in 1970, the club has a more extravagant history that stretches back to the beginning of the century. The appearance of the Qatar sports speculation saw another age with signings like Zlatan Ibrahimović. PSG accomplished four alliance titles, three Coupe de France, four Coupe de la Ligue and five Trophée des Champions titles. Presently, the club has a wild front three with the Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani, the Brazilian Neymar, and the youthful Frenchman Kylian Mbappé. Neymar and Kylian Mbappé alone at an expense of £406 million, that being £93 million short of their all-out income of £499 million.

These amazing arrangements have drawn bunches of inquiries from the global football local area with respect to manageability, however, there is no keeping PSG’s objectives from getting turned into a world superpower. At a worth of £990 million, which many accept is far underestimated, and 35 million fans around the world, there are few who aren’t taking a gander at PSG with envy. In the event that PSG proceeds on this way (that many accept they can’t), we could be seeing a Champions League Title heading towards France soon.


AC Milan

I Rossoneri. Top 10 Biggest And Most Supported Football Clubs In The World (2021).

Social Following
Facebook 25 million
Instagram 8.6 million
Twitter 7.4 million
Shirt sales: 650 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £15 million a year
Average match attendance: 50801/80018
Worldwide fans: 95 million fans
Revenue: £191 million
Club value: £600 million


I Rossoneri is the epithet of the Italian goliaths. They were established in 1899 approximately 9 years in front of their opponents Inter Milan who they share the San Siro with.

The Italian monsters who have 7 European Cup/UEFA Champions League titles and who ruled Italy during the 90s have lately not appreciated that achievement. Financial issues, match-fixing charges, and helpless homegrown exhibitions saw the decrease of AC Milan. The 95 million overall fans, may appear to be enormous, notwithstanding, the club has seen little development in their worldwide reach since their brilliant period.

However, with new venture from Chinese financial backers, has carried the new desire to the dormant beasts. With ongoing spending in the exchange market, AC Milan is currently trusting they will actually want to modify the wonder of their past. The information on a potential new arena will most likely proceed with the restoration of the club. In the ninth situation of the Worlds greatest clubs, AC Milan might be before long taking a few actions, the solitary inquiry is which heading?



La Vecchia Signora. Top 10 Biggest And Most Supported Football Clubs In The World (2021).

Social Following
Facebook 41 million
Instagram 43.5 million
Twitter 11 million
Shirt sales: 850 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £14.76 million a year
Average match attendance: 38395/41507
Worldwide fans: 27 million
Revenue: £371 million
Club value: £1.17 billion


la Vecchia Signora (the Old Lady) is the moniker of Juventus. Established in 1897 by a gathering of Torinese understudies.

The Italian monsters have ruled Serie An of late. With various brilliant free exchanges, they have had the option to get quality players that have figured out how to avoid the monetary difficulties of their Italian adversaries. That, notwithstanding, doesn’t imply that they have avoided spending when it has the effect. Cristiano Ronaldo was endorsed from Real Madrid for a stunning £105million in 2018 to make him the universe’s third most costly player (at that point, insane things have occurred from that point forward).

In a new report, it was discovered that Juventus are right now the most cherished club in Italy, yet in addition the most detested. Juventus since the acquisition of Ronaldo has seen their fanbase and popularity spread and subsequently, have leaped to the highest point of Italy. With a club worth of a little more than a billion pounds, Juventus land themselves in the eighth position, and one considers how long it will be until they move over their Italian adversaries.


Bayern Munich

Die Bayern. Top 10 Biggest And Most Supported Football Clubs In The World (2021).

Social Following
Facebook 50 million
Instagram 23.7 million
Twitter 7 million
Shirt sales: 1 500 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deal: £30.39 million a year
Average match attendance: 75000/75000
Worldwide fans: 45 million
Revenue: £581 million
Club value: £2.34 billion


The moniker of the German goliaths meaning the Bavarians. Club was established on the 27th February 1900.

Bayern Munich, the greatest and best club in Germany and seventh in this rundown. seventh may appear to be somewhat low for this monster that has delighted in such a lot of accomplishment as of late. Nonetheless, with the proceeded with worldwide development of the Premier League, Bayern has seen its development moderate comparative with that of Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea.

With 45 million overall fans, a social after of more than 62 million, and the fourth most elevated procuring football club on the planet with £581 million in income, Bayern is on any guidelines a worldwide goliath. On top of this, all the Bavarian monsters brag no less than 290,000 authority club individuals, which is the biggest on the planet.

So back to the subject of why seventh? Well, truth be told. Positions 7-4 are so close, in the coming seasons, we ought to be seeing those 4 groups pivoting positions consistently.



The Reds. Top 10 Biggest And Most Supported Football Clubs In The World (2021).

Social Following
Facebook 36.7 million
Instagram 28.2 million
Twitter 15.5 million
Shirt sales: 805 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £30 million a year
Average match attendance: 53185/54074
Worldwide fans: 100 million
Revenue: £455 million
Club value: £1.7 billion


The moniker of the English monsters. Established in 1892, the club joined the Football League in 1893 and has played at Anfield since its development.

Liverpool, the Reds of Merseyside come in at sixth in the rundown. With a worldwide after of over 100 million fans worldwide and a club worth £1.7 billion, Liverpool is the best club in English football, which can represent a great deal of their worldwide reach. Club symbols like Steven Gerrard, have assisted with the club’s worldwide extension of the club, especially in Asia and Africa.

Liverpool is England’s best club in Europe with 6 European Cup triumphs. The current chief Jurgen Klopp is exceptionally respected by fans everywhere in the world and is famous for building energizing assaulting, yet above all effective groups. Fans will trust that this will proceed soon with Liverpool as they keep on advancing up the rundown.



The Gunners. Top 10 Biggest And Most Supported Football Clubs In The World (2021).

Social Following
Facebook 37.9 million
Instagram 18.4 million
Twitter 16.4 million
Shirt sales: 1 125 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £30 million a year
Average match attendance: 59295/60432
Worldwide fans: 125 million
Revenue: £386 million
Club value: £1.81 billion


The moniker of the English monsters. The fans anyway will frequently call themselves Gooners, which is gotten from the moniker ‘Gunners’.

Arsenal, perhaps the greatest club in English football and the best club in London, Arsenal has more than 62 million social adherents and 125 million fans around the world. The club is esteemed at over £1.8 billion with incomes of £386 million. The club’s greater part investor American Stan Kroenke has gotten a ton of analysis, with Arsenal being the sixth most extravagant club on the planet, yet have come up short on the monetary support to coordinate with the aspiration of late history.

Long-serving supervisor Arsene Wenger left following 22 years at the club and afterward the club has made some extreme memories. In any case, with Mikel Arteta in charge, fans and savants the same are taking a gander at Arsenal in another light, with a FA cup win effectively added to his repertoire could this be the beginning of something new. Nobody can deny the type of players he has pulled into the club, for example, unsurpassed extraordinary Thierry Henry and German World Cup champ, Mesut Ozil. Wenger in his time likewise united the invincibles that went a season and an aggregate of 49 games unbeaten. He carried Arsenal to their new arena the Emirates and genuinely push Arsenal onto the worldwide stage that sees them land themselves in the fifth put on the rundown.



The Blues. Top 10 Biggest And Most Supported Football Clubs In The World (2021).

Social Following
Facebook 48 million
Instagram 23.8 million
Twitter 15.2 million
Shirt sales: 1 650 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £40 million a year
Average match attendance: 41429/41631
Worldwide fans: 145 million
Revenue: £443 million
Club value: £2 billion


The epithet of the English monsters is the Blues. The club was established in 1905 and is claimed by Russian extremely rich person Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea FC, make it into the best 4 of the rundown, with a worth somewhat not exactly their London rivals Arsenal, yet since Roman Abramovich showed up at the club in 2003 and with him his oil billions that helped Chelsea construct a Premier League-winning and worldwide football side, with 145 million fans around the world. They have likewise gotten the second most rewarding shirt sponsorship bargain in Premier League history from Yokohama for £40 million every year.

With players like Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard, and Eden Hazard lately, Chelsea has worked off a considerable machine. With another arena not too far off and Roman appearance no indications of hindering his affection and spending for Chelsea, they will make certain to proceed with their worldwide development.


FC Barcelona

Barca. Top 10 Biggest And Most Supported Football Clubs In The World (2021).

Social Following
Facebook 103 million
Instagram 90.4 million
Twitter 61 million
Shirt Sales: 1 980 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £48 million a year
Average match attendance: 62657/99354
Worldwide fans: 450 million estimate
Revenue: £637 million
Club value: £3.11 billion


The epithet of the Spanish goliaths. Established in 1899 by a gathering of Swiss, English, and Catalan footballers.

As we currently enter the main 3, we are certain that most will actually want to think about what their identity is. It is only an issue of who completes where. Barcelona the main Spanish group we have seen on the rundown and end up in third. No sane individual would contend that Barcelona is not a worldwide club. At a worth of almost a faltering £3 billion pounds and a yearly income of £566 million, the club overshadows generally even on this rundown.

With 450 million fans worldwide and more than 200 million fans via web-based media, Barcelona’s worldwide reach is great.

With players, for example, Messi, Suarez, and Iniesta who are worldwide brands by their own doing, Barcelona and the other top 3 order something that will be exceptionally difficult to overcome.


Real Madrid

Los Blancos. Top 10 Biggest And Most Supported Football Clubs In The World (2021).

Social Following
Facebook 110 million
Instagram 92.1 million
Twitter 57 million
Shirt Sales: 2 290 000 (2016)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £61.5 million a year
Average Match attendance: 66204/81044
Worldwide fans: 350 million estimate
Revenue: £693million
Club value: £3.28 billion


The epithet of the Spanish goliaths. Established on 6 March 1902 as Madrid Football Club.

The subsequent Spanish group on the rundown and coming in front of their opponents Barcelona, it’s Real Madrid in the second position. With a social after of more than 250 million and an overall fanbase of an expected 350 million, Los Blancos are a rule world footballing power. At a worth of almost £3.3 billion pounds and income of a faltering £693 million every year, Real Madrid keep on growing their stretch all throughout the planet

Cristiano Ronaldo (presently at Juve) and his contention with Lionel Messi was the ideal similitude for the battle that seethes on consistently among Real and Barca. Barcelona has overwhelmed the homegrown alliance lately, yet Real retaliated with a La Liga title a year ago. Players and fans the same are attracted to them and the shine is Madrid.


Manchester United

The Red Devils. Top 10 Biggest And Most Supported Football Clubs In The World (2021).

Social Following
Facebook 73.7 million
Instagram 37.3 million
Twitter 25 million
Shirt sales: 2 850 000 (average last 5 years)
Shirt sponsorship deals: £47 million a year
Average match attendance: 74994/75305
Worldwide fans: 650 million estimated
Revenue: £590 million
Club value: £3.1 billion


Nicknamed “the Red Devils”, the club was established as Newton Heath LYR Football Club in 1878, changed its name to Manchester United in 1902, and moved to its present arena, Old Trafford, in 1910.

Manchester United the greatest club in England, comes in at number one, as the greatest and most upheld group on the planet. A review completed by the club various years prior detailed that Manchester United had more than 650 million fans worldwide with ongoing reports assessing upwards of 750 million.

Alex Ferguson was instrumental in building the achievement and worldwide mass development of the club. With the class of 92, they appreciated phenomenal achievement, with Ferguson winning an aggregate of 38 prizes as supervisor. At a worth of £3.1 billion, nobody would contend the worldwide reach of Manchester United, from Manchester to Seoul, to Cape Town and Alaska you can discover United fans, it really is amazing the arrive at what the club does have and unquestionably soon, we can just see two clubs that can thump United off the best position.