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10 Best FIFA World Cup Songs

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10 Best FIFA World Cup Songs


The World Cup is an astounding display. It’s one of a handful of the models where the whole world meets up for a typical purpose.The enthusiasm, physicality, and lovely variety of people groups and societies makes for an encounter that in a real sense billions of individuals get energized for. Beside football, the World Cup is likewise becoming known for while some astonishing music gets created. With such fabulous subjects to draw motivation from, artists all over the planet have assembled a few fantastic jams.

So here are 10 Best FIFA World Cup Songs!

Awu – If a Can, Can (2014)

Best FIFA World Cup Songs-Awu - If a Can, Can (2014)

Best FIFA World Cup Songs-Awu – If a Can, Can (2014)

Meaning to “let the affection for football lead us to influence the world” Cameroonian craftsman Awu gave a moving song of devotion to the 2014 World Cup with “If a Can, Can”. Making the melody after he was denied a movement visa to come perform music in the United States, Awu chose to make a tune that would reestablish his inspiration, and advise himself that “you will comprehend what used to be misjudged.” With the World Cup not far off, he chose to turn “If a Can, Can” into a World Cup signature melody until the end of the world to draw motivation from. What’s more, he sure nailed it!


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