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Top 10 Writing Tips For Creating Successful Essays

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Top 10 Writing Tips

Some students may think that writing an academic essay is a difficult task. Truly, from the beginning, it cannot be the easiest one. We want to help you and offer ten steps that will help you write a good college essay that will be highly evaluated. 

Define how much time you need

Any experienced academic writer who has already written dozens of essays knows that there is a limit of time needed to finish an essay without harming its quality. The rule is simple if you are working on your first paper: the earlier you start, the better.

However, if you have already written a few papers, you probably know how much time it takes. Contemporary life is full of stress and procrastination, and there is no wonder that all of us leave our duties at the last minute from time to time. You only need to be sure that the last minute will continue long enough for you to finish your paper without harm for the grade you want to get for it.

Be attentive to instructions

This tip is directly related to the previous one. It is hard to define how much time you exactly need if you are not attentive to instructions. Can you just write the paper with your own thoughts and knowledge? Or do you need to use and cite some specific sources?

Take a look at the instructions after you get them and be attentive to avoid some unpleasant surprises. Research or review will definitely take much more time than reflection or creative writing. Define the type of work, the number of sources you need, and the time that is necessary to finish such work.

Choose an interesting topic

Of course, you do not always feel like a customer in the shop who is choosing among goods, choosing a topic for your essay. Sometimes an assignment has very strict requirements. In such cases, you need to take a deep breath, call to mind the long-term aims of your study, and cope with the task.

However, if you are lucky and the requirements for essays allow you to choose between the topics, try to choose the most interesting for you. Believe us, and nothing can replace the true interest and passion that shines from the lines! Don’t be shy to offer a personalized topic that you want. The professor will definitely evaluate your interest in the course.

Make an outline

Don’t follow strict rules for this point. Just do it for yourself. An outline can be very helpful to structure your ideas and see any weak spots while it is easy to correct them. If you simply start to write without any previous plan, you can find out later that your thoughts go far from the needed topic and very far from the requirements. Hence, it is much better for the quality of your future essay to make some outline. You will define the main ideas and the way they must turn from one to another to the conclusions. 

Remember about the essay structure

It is a very important part for all academic writers. The introduction and conclusion have a specific structure that focuses on the thesis statement. Each body paragraph must start with a topic sentence and finish with the concluding one. You always need to explain each qualitative you put into the text, even though its meanings can be evident in the context. All these rules make paper difficult to write, but they are necessary if you want to write an essay that will get the best possible grade.


Quotations are very helpful in improving the quality of an essay. Even if the instructions for your assignment don’t require citations, you can show your interest in the topic and course by citing one or a few sources to support your ideas.

Another moment related to this item and the quality of your essay is following the rules of citing. They might be confusing the first time you face them, but it is not difficult to get used to these rules. In addition, you can always use the assistance of a professional essay writing service such as CustomWritings. On their website, you can order an original example written from scratch and use it to be sure that all your qualifications and references list are in proper condition. 

Leave the paper for a little while

The ancient scholars advise writers to leave their works for years and then return to them. Of course, we understand that nowadays, people are not free to leave the text for such a while, especially if it is about academic assignments. However, if you want to write an essay of top quality, it can be good to leave it for a few hours, have a rest, and then take a look at your paper with a fresh vision. You might see some mistakes that you previously didn’t notice or just improved something in your writing. 


It is the best custom you can get to improve the quality of your essays. Remember, we were talking about the time you need to finish your work above? Always include the time for proofreading in the length of that “last minute.” The essay with grammar errors and misprints looks cheap and definitely cannot buy you a good grade, and it doesn’t matter if you are in college or university. Good English is important for writing a successful college essay. 

Find inspiring examples

The previous tips were devoted to the process of writing an essay. The last two we prepared will be generally helpful to develop your writing skills. The first one is to find examples that can truly inspire you. Some articles you look at and can say, “That’s really cool, I want to write like that!” There are many online services that allow you to read scientific and popular articles for free. You can easily find a professional whose style will inspire you at the beginning. 

Read a lot

There is no other way to develop your sense of language except to read a lot. It is important to note that to improve your writing skills; you have to prefer edited issues and editions of well-known magazines companies over blogs and many platforms that offer entertainment content. In the USA, you can also easily find an online service that provides reviews for books or an online expert who has a blog about outstanding books. You can choose any company or service to find interesting articles, magazines, or books that will help you develop a sense of language, taste, and purview.

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10 + Surprising Facts About The Mongol Empire




10 + Surprising Facts About The Mongol Empire

Mongolia actually exists today, however the Mongols who live there presently aren’t the ones history books will recollect. All things considered, their precursors meandered the land riding a horse, ravaging and vanquishing with the sort of mercilessness Vikings could dream of.Well, that is the well known picture, at any rate. Old-fashioned Mongols were certainly fearsome heroes, however they were likewise a shockingly progressed and refined individuals.

So here are 10 + Surprising Facts About The Mongol Empire!

Mongol Women

Surprising Facts About The Mongol Empire-Mongol Women

Surprising Facts About The Mongol Empire-Mongol Women

History specialists will generally depict Mongol men as fearsome and strong heros, however the ladies are frequently disregarded. This is very unreasonable, as in the Mongol progress it was really the ones who gave orders. While their men were in the middle of being, indeed, Mongol heroes, the ladies pushed the economy along and stood firm on the absolute most elevated footings in their shamanistic religion. This set the Mongol women in a, influential place that their European peers could dream about.The ladies weren’t only content with maintaining the organizations and religion, either — the Mongols likewise had a few female rulers. After Genghis Khan’s passing, his little girls and little girls in-regulation left on a progression of battles for control that saw different competent ladies rule their own groups of the Empire, for some time (it was a violent time).One of the mightiest Mongol sovereigns was Mandhuhai, a skilled champion with a sharp strategic brain. She battled to join the Mongol realms like Genghis had done, overcoming many foes in a progression of triumphant fights. At the point when she was in her thirties, it happened to her she ought to likely keep her family name going — however she was as yet occupied with her conflicts. Mandhuhai settled this problem by wedding a 17-year-old prize ruler and bearing eight youngsters, all while effectively partaking in fights.

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Exploring Top AI Writing Tools: Making Writing Easier and More Efficient

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By – AI Essay Writer to Streamline the Paper Writing

In times when students and professionals, alike, are at the mercy of demanding academic requirements, the demand for efficient and effective writing solutions has never been higher. 

Having said that, AI-powered writing tools have emerged as valuable assets for individuals seeking assistance in crafting well-structured essays and articles.

In this review, we delve into six such tools to provide a clear overview of their features, benefits, and pricing options. – AI Essay Writer to Streamline the Paper Writing – AI Essay Writer to Streamline the Paper Writing – AI Essay Writer to Streamline the Paper Writing offers a user-friendly experience with its assortment of templates and a complimentary free paraphrasing tool. 

This AI essay writer excels in delivering rapid content generation that aligns precisely with your specifications. The standout feature of is its utilization of multiple inputs to ensure that the generated content is tailored accurately to your requirements.


  • Diverse templates for various writing needs
  • Free paraphrasing tool
  • Quick and user-friendly interface
  • Quality content generation that matches specific requirements


  • Relatively higher pricing compared to some alternatives
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