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Top 10 Ways To Get Away From Stress.

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In this era stress, depression, anxiety is ruling over the world.  Lots of factors are there to have stress includes studies, relations, relationships, work, office, in fact lock-down too, because we are not habitual to live continuously in our homes.  We had work, school, colleges, shopping, markets but after lockdown, all of these things got quiet by the government.

When stress becomes overwhelming and prolonged, the risks for mental health problems and medical problems increase. Long-term stress increases the risk of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, substance use problems, sleep problems, pain, and bodily complaints such as muscle tension.

So how to work on stress? How to figure out problems?  So we have 10 ways to get away from stress.

Deep breathing exercises

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Breathing (or ventilation) is the process of moving air out and in the lungs to facilitate gas exchange with the internal environment, mostly to flush out carbon dioxide and bring in oxygen.  This distracts the problem which you are thinking from you, initially, it is tough, but along with time, we can develop ourselves to become a tension-free person.  It also works in the case of insomnia, proven by the US army.  US army gives treatment to their soldier to maintain sleeping hours not to have quality time after waking up.

Eat well

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Healthy food

For the human body, it needs many calories in daily hours which gives energy to the body and keeps you alert that you don’t become passive, lazy ultimately you don’t have time for thinking unnecessary things.  Eating a balanced diet is mandatory for stress management.  You should skip fast food, more spicy things, unhealthy snacks is a daily routine diet.  Green leafy vegetables are compulsory for all kinds of vitamins and macro-molecules.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

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Say NO to Alcohol

Due to alcohol, a person reduces the time of rapid eye movement which causes incomplete sleep and you got with full of anger, mood swings, and so on.  It is important to know how to manage ore sleep without alcohol and smoking.  Smoking leads to cancer to lungs called Pulmonary Cancer which leads to mental stress and fear of death.  Such chronic diseases held our lives to hell.

Sleep Well

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Sleep Well

The human body requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep according to lifestyle.  Sleep is an essential activity in our daily life.  It must be complete and must give you refreshments.  Complete sleep makes you alert in daily routine and more confident, as lazy people don’t have complete sleep.  You need to follow your sleeping hours as your body requires.

Don’t be alone

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Sad young woman sitting on the window

Loneliness, alone time makes you more negative.  It enhances stress levels more than usual.  You need to keep your time with family, friends or have some conversation by phone if nobody is available, but loneliness kills.  It might lead to suicidal thoughts that will result in self-murder.  Connect with supportive, funny, and adorable people.


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If stress goes beyond the limit, that you are getting away from that condition, then you need a good counselor.  The counselor might be your parents, siblings, or friends but the aim is to remove that negative thought or stress out of your own head and be a mentally healthy person with such a way and tricks.  If the limit exceeds the counselor must be a psychiatrist.

Keep a large aim in mind

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Aim, Dream

If you are running to get and to achieve your dream, aim you will not distract from it.  There is a saying in English Language ‘Low aim is a crime. High aim wants efforts and you invest your time there which means the negativity, overthinking has no time in your mind leads to get away from depression, anxiety, and other mental health.  If you have large and high aim then your efforts will make you physically tired and you will cope up with insomnia as well.


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Listening to music makes hormonal changes inside your body.  Serotonin, oxytocin levels lead to be more active, loving, passionate and keeps you moving along with the beat.  Sometimes, unknowingly you dance and you feel better than previous.  These are some ways that will put you not under pressure until you want to come out of it. Music has lots of genres includes Classical, pop, hip hop, opera, gazals, Sufi, sugar music also.  That gives you the choice to listen to your own favorite song to gain more and more freshness.

Take Morning Sun Bath 

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Sun Bath

Basically, this is the pure western method.  People from Europe, Australia have a beach culture in which they take a sunbathe on the beach, have sunscreen on their bodies to save themselves from UV rays.  But the morning sun with 7 to 9 am, has alpha rays which give vitamin D to our body naturally.  With the vitamin D serotonin level increases and cortisol level comes down.  It positively affects the human body to be fully charged to have positive effects.


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Meditation is the key where you can get answers to the questions that you had in your real life.  Venerable Pandurangashastri  Athavale says, ” Murtipooja (Meditation) is a perfect science!”  Why is it so?  Because due to meditation, concentration level increases, more memory control, and no negative impact on the mind.  That helps really get back to the positive mode.  Meditation would be 10 times better if it goes like a religious way, like moortipooja.

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