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Top 10 Songs Of Justin Bieber

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When it comes to pop reinvigoration, Madonna reigns queen but Justin Bieber reigns king He began as the cherub-faced teen idol of your teenage fantasies, quickly developed into public cultural enemy number one, and then somehow rebounded as somebody hipsters, dance fans, pop kids, and R&B fans could all agree on. Nobody could have expected years back that a fresh-faced youthful Canadian with an undeniably unique singing voice and the appearance of a teen idol in the making will continue to encompass the international music world so fully and for as long as Justin Bieber has. Below are the top 10 Justin Bieber songs from the beginning of his journey to the present.


Every Dancer in Justin Bieber's "Sorry" Music Video Wore the Same Lipstick | Dance videos, Justin bieber, Justin bieber songs


After times of constant controversies and cultivating his “bad boy” persona, Bieber apologized in the right way: with a song which can be enjoyed at bars, on vacations, in the bath, and at the height of every great party till the end of time. Simply, put “Sorry” is Bieber’s greatest success to date. It’s alluring and demanding, eternal and completely of the moment.

Love Yourself

Number Ones: Justin Bieber's 'Love Yourself' Is The Epitome Of Pop In 2015

Love Yourself

Justin Bieber’s single with the best lyrics is “Love Yourself.” Its clear soulful riff, which is accompanied by beautiful, delicate voices, was co-written with Benny Blanco, who also produced the track. When “Love Yourself” surpassed “Sorry” at the top of the British charts, Justin became the first singer since Elvis Presley to dethrone himself.

Where are u now

Justin Bieber - Where Are You Now Remix By. PRINCExROLLIE - Prod.BYOU$ .MP3 by FuXKTh3$e304's_G3TxP@iD6

Where Are You Now

As Bieber’s return anthem, “Where Are Ü Now?” came before “What Do You Mean?” It brought back memories of why we were in love with his childish appearance and silken voices in the first place; it made him comfortable and likable. The collaboration with Jack Ü contributed to Bieber’s new sound as an adult pop star. It’s more mature, but it still has the glimmer of candy-colored imagination.


Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee - Despacito (ft. Justin Bieber) english Remix) DJ Gamer (edition) by Damian Arroyo 23 / DJ Gamer


This remix of “Despacito,” either you like it or not, is amongst the most famous songs of all time. It’s the very first time Bieber has performed in Spanish. “Despacito” is perhaps the most commercially popular song featuring Bieber’s name. And, even though he didn’t know how to sing it, he remembered the song’s influence and requested to be a member of it.

Let me love you

Let Me Love You Ringtone Download Free | Dj Snake Feat. Justin Bieber | MP3 And IPhone M4R | World base of ringtones

Let Me Love You

After Bieber’s popularity with Skrillex and Diplo, the doors for dance producers were opened. DJ Snake needed his own Justin Bieber-assisted mega-hit, and “Let Me Love You” is one of those pop songs that you listen to once and immediately want to listen to again. In 2016, France’s DJ Snake collaborated with Justin on this track, which was a huge success.


Justin Bieber's "Baby" Most Viewed VEVO Video Of All Time


On this album, Justin Bieber is 16 years old, even though he appears and seems like he is 12. At the young age of a child, he won our hearts with a saccharine charm that has withstood the test of time. For far too long, the term “baby” has been vilified and misinterpreted. In 2010, this video became one of the most famous of the year.

Cold Water

LISTEN: Justin Bieber - 'Cold Water' | Electric 94.9

Cold Water

“Cold Water” is the perfect marriage of Major Lazer’s best intuition and Bieber’s ability to incorporate genuine feeling into cheesy, lovelorn lyrics. It has a little of the dancehall flavor that Major Lazer is famous for, but it’s still among the trio’s poppiest plays to date. It ranked at No. 1 on the club charts and was a big success all over the world in 2016.

What do you mean

What Do You Mean? Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

What Do You Mean

First and foremost, this music video is incredible. John Leguizamo is regarded as a national asset. All had changed: the song’s trendy, sexy video was accompanied by a convincing dance rhythm and a rhythm that couldn’t be shaken. It was a masterpiece on how to create your mark, a major No. 1, and another crucial achievement.


T-Mobile Premieres New Commercial Video for “Friends” Starring Justin Bieber - pm studio world wide music news


Though Bieber has been anything but quiet since the release of Purpose, “Friends” is his first hit as the main artist since the release of “Company” in March of 2016. This song is upbeat, fun, and dance-oriented. It begins Bieber’s story of wanting to reconnect with an old flame.


Justin Bieber: Boyfriend (Video 2012) - IMDb


Justin wanted to show that he could shift things forward with a bold new direction for his third studio album.  “Boyfriend” was a confident step through the musical sophistication that we now understand. “Boyfriend” was a forerunner of its day. When it was released in 2012, “Boyfriend” became Justin’s first chart-topper in his home country.