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Top 10 Prehistoric Animals That Are Still Alive Today

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Top 10 Prehistoric Animals That Are Still Alive Today

A portion of these creatures must be found in zoos and safeguarded nature jelly because their populaces are beginning to fall, or they are as of now jeopardized. Others can in any case be seen as in the wild – and perhaps in your terrace.

Any place you see them, these old creatures make certain to move wonder.




All crocodiles, caimans, and gators are antiquated species, and they look like it. In any case, one type of crocodilian – the gharial, some of the time called a gavial – beats them all in the ancient-looking magnificence challenge. Gharials have long, thin, sword-like mouths loaded with buzzy teeth. Guys foster a colossal bulbous nose toward the finish of their nose, making them look rather humorous.

Gharials in some structure or one more have been around for a huge number of years, however, the cutting edge gharial is the final type of this heredity. Unfortunately, it also is going towards termination, with less than 200 individuals recreating gharials left in the wilds of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The IUCN has recorded it as a “basically jeopardized” species.

Luckily, the Kukrail reproducing focus at Kukrail Forest Reserve in Lucknow, India has been assuming a monstrous part in gharial preservation endeavors, by rearing the animals and sending them out to zoos from one side the planet to the other. The middle is additionally open to people in general, so you can get very close with these fabulous monsters. Little populaces are likewise present at Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park in Nepal.


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