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Top 10 Most Powerful Women in the World

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To say, the worst the power dynamic between men and women has been unjust to women. Women must combat and participate in many campaigns before they can claim positions in society. Previously, men were the only ones in positions of authority or who controlled companies, but now we have women presidents, businesswomen, and other powerful women who have shown that women are just as competent as men.

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel 2

Angela Merkel

Merkel was Germany’s first female Chancellor in 2005, and she is currently in her fourth tenure.  According to Forbes, she is still the “de facto leader of Europe,” guiding the country’s biggest economy through the economic meltdown and back to prosperity. Her steely reserve characterises her governance, from speaking up to Donald Trump to welcoming over a million Syrian migrants into Germany. According to an October 2020 poll, 75% of adults in 14 European countries trust Merkel perhaps better than any other member in the country.

Christine Lagarde


Christine Lagarde

In November 2019, Lagarde became the first woman to head the European Central Bank, which manages Europe’s single currency and monetary policy in the 19-nation Eurozone. She was previously the first woman to run the International Monetary Fund, a 190-country organization that ensures the stability of the international monetary system.

Kamla Harris


Kamala Harris

In November 2020, Harris is was the first woman in U.S. government to be appointed vice president. She became the second African-American woman – and the first South Asian-American – senator in history when she was appointed in as a United States Senator for California in 2017.

Ursula von der Leyen


Ursula Von der Leyen

Von der Leyen is the first female president of the European Commission, which regulates the European Union’s rules, strategies, and expenditure. She was the longest-serving member of Angela Merkel’s ministry until being named to this position in July 2019. She was also Germany’s first female defence minister.

Melinda Gates


Melinda Gates

Gates is co-chair and founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the world ‘s biggest private charity organisation with a investment fund of $40 billion. According to Forbes, “Gates retains her status as the most influential woman in philanthropy.” “She is becoming more visible in defining foundation policy, tackling difficult global problems ranging from schooling and hunger to contraceptives and hygiene.”

Mary Teresa Barra


Mary Barra

Mary Teresa Barra is an American entrepreneur who has served as General Motors Company’s chairman and CEO since January 15, 2014. She is the first female CEO of a significant automobile manufacturer. On December 10, 2013, General Motors appointed her to replace Dan Akerson as CEO.

Nancy Pelosi


Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is the 52nd Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. She is also the nation ‘s greatest appointed woman and the second-in-line for the position. She began her third term as Speaker in 2019, having subsequently served from 2007 to 2011. She launched the fourth impeachment procedure in US history against President Donald Trump in 2019. She was incorporated into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2013 at a celebration in Seneca Falls.

Ana Patricia Botin


Ana Patricia Botin

Ana Patricia Botin took over as CEO of the business in 2014, following the untimely father ’s demise Emilio. In 2017, she pulled off a trick when Banco Santander bought out failing Banco Popular  for one euro to become Spain’s largest bank. In the face of political turmoil, she has supported fintech and concentrated on businesses, supporting small companies and women-owned businesses.

Abigail Johnson


Abigail Johnson

Abigail Johnson has been CEO of Fidelity Investments since 2014, when she succeeded her father, and chairman since 2016. Edward Johnson II, her grandfather, established the Boston-based mutual fund behemoth in 1946. She is calculated to own 24.5 percent of the company, which manages $3.8 trillion in capital. Abigail Johnson has been the CEO of Fidelity Investments since 2014, when she took over from her father, and the chairman since 2016. Her grandfather, Edward Johnson II, founded the Boston-based investment fund monstrosity in 1946. She owns 24.5 percent of the firm, which controls $3.8 trillion in cash.

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