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Top 10 Most Expensive And Best Painting In The World

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Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings In The World

Pendant portraits of Maerten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit

 Artist: Rembrandt
Sale Price: $197 million
 Year: 1634
Sale Date: February 2016
Owner: Rijksmuseum and Louvre

Pendant portraits of Maerten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit

The works of art known as the Pendant representations of Maerten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit are two wedding pictures by the Dutch expert, Rembrandt. They were painted for the marriage of the two individuals in 1634. However they were painted as two unmistakable pieces, they have generally been purchased, possessed, and showed together all through France and the Netherlands.

In 2016, these works of art were purchased together by the Rijksmuseum and Louver Museum at a changed cost of $197 million.

Did you know?

These two artworks are full-length to match the size of the subjects, a special event in Rembrandt’s work. Oopjen Coppit outlived her better half, remarried Captain Maerten Pietersz Daij, and outlasted him too. Therefore, the family who once possessed these compositions dishonestly distinguished the subjects as “Meneer Day” and “Mevrouw Day,” a literal interpretation of “Daij.” They had been known by that name until the 1900s.

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