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Top 10 F1 Drivers Of All Time

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Top 10 F1 Drivers Of All Time
Top 10 F1 Drivers Of All Time

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Who is the Greatest of All Time? This is conceivably the most disputable inquiry in any game and a practically unthinkable one to reply. How would you choose? The number of wins? Number of titles? Experience? Does Best overwhelm? It’s a troublesome point to concede to, much more so in Formula 1, a steadily advancing game with constant turn of events, the seasons become longer and the vehicles are practically unrecognizable to the ones that were being driven five years prior, not to mention ten or twenty years prior.

For the majority of us, wistfulness has a colossal impact on our feelings. On the off chance that you grew up as a devotee of Ferrari during the mid-2000s, you’re probably going to say, Michael Schumacher, in case you’re more youthful you may pick Lewis Hamilton, and on the off chance that you’re more established, you may pick Prost, Senna or Fangio just to give some examples. In the event that you’ve quite recently begun watching F1 in the two or three years, you may even think Max Verstappen or Charles Leclerc is the best thing to at any point consumes elastic on a Grand Prix track.

Sensibly we’re never going to concur, it’s a discussion that will go on until the cows come home. Regardless of how often savants shift back and forth or drivers disclose to you it’s difficult to look at eras, we as fans will impart our insights notwithstanding.


Top 10 F1 Drivers Of All Time


BF: 2nd (2001) | Seasons: 15 | Top Ten: 12 | Starts: 246 | Poles: 12 | Wins: 13

The principal driver in the Top 10 is David Coulthard, who additionally turns out to be the most noteworthy set non-title winning driver on this rundown. The Scot completed third in the standings in 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000 and was sprinter up in 2001. Towards the last part of his vocation, he joined the spic and span Red Bull dashing group, taking their first since forever platform with a choice drive to third in the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix.


Top 10 F1 Drivers Of All Time


3x WDC (1969, 1971, 1973) | Seasons: 9 | Top Ten: 9 | Starts: 99 | Poles: 17 | Wins: 27

In 10th we have the ‘flying Scot’ himself; Jackie Stewart. Another untouched incredible, before the finish of his vocation the triple best on the planet had amassed 27 successes, holding the record for most successes for a very long time until Alain Prost broke the record in 1987. Stewart went on to establish his own self-named group, Stewart Grand Prix with his child after retirement which proceeded to take one triumph at the 1999 European Grand Prix with Johnny Herbert.


Top 10 F1 Drivers Of All Time


5x WDC (1951, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957) | Seasons: 8 | Top Ten: 7 | Starts: 51 | Poles: 29 | Wins: 24

At number eight, it’s, in all honesty, Juan Manuel Fangio, also called ‘El Maestro’. The King of the principal period, Fangio overwhelmed the 50’s, winning 5 titles, a record which represented an extraordinary 46 years, he still presently holds the record for most titles won with various Constructors, taking title triumphs with Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes and Maserati, an accomplishment that is yet to be rehashed. Fangio additionally holds the most elevated winning rate in Formula 1 history at 46.15%. Inconceivable.


Top 10 F1 Drivers Of All Time


3x WDC (1988, 1990, 1991) | Seasons: 10 | Top Ten: 10 | Starts: 161 | Poles: 65 | Wins: 41

At number seven we have a genuine driving symbol. A legend all throughout the planet and a man whose putting on this rundown will have numerous fans vexed. Seventh on the rundown ever greats being viewed as too low is outright confirmation that insights never recount the entire story and don’t generally address the maximum capacity of a driver. Senna’s life was deplorably stopped at the scandalous San Marino Grand Prix in 1994 and there is little uncertainty that he would have added to his count of three World Championship wins. Known for his hard, forceful hustling and his enthusiasm all through the cockpit. Ayrton passed before I was conceived yet fortunately there are a lot of articles, YouTube clasps, and films to keep his heritage unceasing. Senna was and is an outright wonder and will always live long in the memory of each dashing fan.


Top 10 F1 Drivers Of All Time


4x WDC (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) | Seasons: 14 | Top Ten: 12 | Starts: 256 | Poles: 57 | Wins: 53

Right outside of the main 5 is Sebastian Vettel, the principal driver on the rundown who is still as of now dashing as now, winning 4 consecutive titles with Red Bull from 2010 to 2013, winning in what is conceivably the hardest time of F1 (as far as rivalry) hustling against 5 World Champions and proving to be the best. At the hour of composing, Vettel has recently finished his long-term semi-effective spell at Ferrari, wrapping sprinter up in the standings in both 2017 and 2018. Vettel struggles lately, apparently developing more miserable at the Italian outfit over the new years. From the 2021 season, Vettel will be driving for the late rebranded Aston Martin F1 group, you never know, he could in any case crawl higher on the rundown…


Top 10 F1 Drivers Of All Time


2x WDC (2005, 2006) | Seasons: 17 | Top Ten: 13 | Starts: 311 | Poles: 22 | Wins: 32

Breaking into the best 5 it’s the twofold best on the planet and the lone Spaniard on the rundown, Fernando Alonso. Where to begin? Alonso is mysteriously quick any place he is, giving amazing exhibitions toward the start of his vocation, from hauling his humble Minardi into places it never should’ve been to wringing his less than ideal Ferrari into title dispute until the absolute last round of the 2012 season, he’s done everything. On top of the entirety of that at 39 years of age, he’s returning to do it all once more, joining Alpine (Renault) for 2021 subsequent to leaving the game toward the finish of 2018. Another driver who could move up the request in the following, not many years?


Top 10 F1 Drivers Of All Time


1x WDC (2007) | Seasons: 18 | Top Ten: 15 | Starts: 328 | Poles: 18 | Wins: 21

In fourth, it’s the Iceman! The most experienced pilot in F1 and it shows, contending in 18 seasons and giving no indications of easing back down, Kimi has shown up in two top multi-decade records (second during the 2000s, fourth during the 2010s). His experience and his drives for unbelievable groups McLaren, Ferrari, and Lotus over the course of the years have procured him a high setting on this rundown, his consistency at the top for just about twenty years is unparalleled. Winning the 2007 World Championship could’ve effectively been his third title win, barely passing up the Championships with McLaren in 2003 and 2005 because of instability. Presently driving for Alfa Romeo it doesn’t seem as though he’ll complete in the best 10 again any time soon yet even down the matrix his driving has been excellent, see his epic beginning at the 2020 Portuguese GP, up there as one of the best first laps ever.


Top 10 F1 Drivers Of All Time


4x WDC (1985, 1986, 1989, 1993) | Seasons: 13 | Top Ten: 12 | Starts: 199 | Poles: 33 | Wins: 51

As I would see it Alain Prost isn’t given the affection he merits. The most prevailing driver of the 1980s with 77 focuses contrasted with his nearest challenger, Nelson Piquet Sr on 61, Prost claimed the decade. The Frenchman’s prosperity is downplayed most definitely, holding the successes record (51) for a long time from 1987-2001 preceding being overwhelmed by Michael Schumacher. Nicknamed ‘The Professor’ he was renowned for his scholarly way to deal with hustling, he later conceded this was a suitable epithet referring to how he would save the brakes and tires toward the start of the race, making them new for later in the race so he could mount a late charge. In 1997 he assumed control over the Ligier group, properly renaming it ‘Prost Grand Prix’ which ran for 5 seasons until they failed in 2001. He later conceded purchasing Ligier was the greatest error of his profession.


Top 10 F1 Drivers Of All Time


7x WDC (2008, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) | Seasons: 14 | Top Ten: 14 | Starts: 265 | Poles: 98 | Wins: 95

We as a whole realized he was either going to first or second… All things considered, he’s second until further notice. It’s the new multiple times’ World Champion and King of the 2010s, Lewis Hamilton himself. Nothing more needs to be said. His honors represent themselves, 14 seasons, 7 titles, just about a hundred years of shafts and wins. Love him or disdain him you can’t keep the expertise and quality from getting this man, he merits his blossoms if you believe he’s the best. Hamilton joined McLaren in 2007, banding together twofold World Champion: Fernando Alonso and raging to second place in the standings, only 1 point short of the title as a freshman and level on focuses with Alonso. Returning in 2008, he won the title by precisely the same edge, 1 point in support of himself over Felipe Massa, in what was the most serious title confrontation of current occasions at the Brazilian GP. (On the off chance that for reasons unknown you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to watch it). Since joining Mercedes in 2013 his driving style has gotten quieter and determined with each season. In 2020 he has equaled Michael Schumacher’s 7 world titles and took a break wins record. Except if something exceptional occurs next season I’m certain he will be up somewhere else on this rundown come the finish of 2021. The truth will surface eventually.


Top 10 F1 Drivers Of All Time


7x WDC (1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004) | Seasons: 19 | Top Ten: 16 | Starts: 306 | Poles: 68 | Wins: 91

Surprise, surprise, look who it is! It’s only the greatest to ever do it! Michael Schumacher himself. The original King of F1, the benchmark for all drivers. He’s actually done it all and more, rewriting almost every record in the sport, holding the wins record for 19 years, and record for most World Championships for 14 years. The only driver in history to top two decades, topping the 90’s at 58 points to Häkkinen’s 45, going on to dominate the first half of the 2000s topping the decade once again with an impressive 57 to Räikkönen’s 47. Growing up I wasn’t the biggest fan of Michael, he was always winning and I supported the silver team, it was only once I grew up did I understand just how brilliant he was. Fast, strategic, reliable, and adaptable he was undeniably in another league to anyone else on the grid and no matter what you think of him on track, off-track he was the perfect gentleman. It was actually Ferrari and Schumacher’s success that helped me appreciate the job Mercedes and Hamilton are doing currently. His comeback from 2010 to 2012 is also included in his points tally taking his top ten finishes in the standings to an unprecedented 16 seasons, he is also the fourth most experienced driver of all time.

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