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10 Real-World Apps of Blockchain Technologies

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10 Real-World Apps of Blockchain Technologies

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Blockchain has become increasingly popular since it was invented two decades ago. Businesses and federal governments are using the technology in several ways.

Blockchain Technology to Secure Public Data

Securing public data on a decentralized ledger is one of the most useful applications of blockchain technology. An immutable ledger can address the issues of confidentiality and privacy for public data.

Estonia’s X-Road was among the first applications of blockchain technology in governance. The X-Road blockchain infrastructure allows public and private organizations to connect to a single unified e-system. Since its inception in 2001, it has evolved into a sophisticated platform that offers a full range of services to the general public.

Eliminate Voter Fraud with a Decentralized Ledger

Voter fraud is another invaluable blockchain application for improving governance. Governments can not only eliminate election tampering but can also reduce the cost of elections.

One example is followmyvote, a UN initiative that utilizes a decentralized to enhance election accountability. Any user on the platform can monitor results and report fraudulent activities.

Ensure Healthcare privacy compliance

Blockchain can ensure compliance with healthcare privacy regulations. It can support other emerging technologies such as telehealth. Patients can share data with their doctor in real-time without the delays that are typical of traditional authentication processes.

One example of blockchain technology in healthcare is MedicalChain. The website stores information on an immutable ledger. Patients can use the site’s MyClinic platform to book a doctor’s appointment and pay securely with digital tokens.

Enhance Supply Chain Accountability

Another use of blockchain technology is in supply chain accountability. It can enhance food safety by tracking food distribution at every stage.

Weapons Tracking with Blockchain

With blockchain, governments and federal agencies can record the movement of weapons to enhance security. An immutable registry will be critical for tracking gun ownership.

Streamline Real Estate Transactions

One of the biggest challenges for the real estate sector is upholding the integrity of land titles. Blockchain facilitates transparency, allowing the public to examine records.

Ubiquity is one example of a blockchain real estate startup. The platform aims to enhance transparency while improving the speed of the land transfer process.

Ecommerce and Blockchain Technology

Loyyal is a blockchain application for developing customer loyalty programs. Businesses can maximize profitability by using metrics to create loyalty programs that resonate with their audience.

Blockchain can also speed up business processes with smart contracts. Ecommerce companies are using platforms like OKX to buy Solana for real-time transactions.

Solana is a platform that provides entrepreneurs with the flexibility to trade ETC, USDT, and BTC. According to OKX, Solana was one of the best-performing tokens in 2021.

Blockchain Solutions for Fintech Startups

Many Fintech Startups are also using blockchain technology to facilitate faster processing. Aeternity is an example of a high-speed blockchain Fintech processing system. It uses smart contracts, which are agreed upon through network consensus.

Unchangeable Data Backups

Blockchain is one of the best ways to secure your data. Storing data in a decentralized database will prevent data breaches while in the cloud.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Blockchain technology could be used to protect intellectual property in the future. A public ledger may solve issues of copyright infringement.

There are many other ways stakeholders in government and the private sector are using blockchain to enhance processes. From protecting intellectual property to eliminating voter fraud, the possibilities are endless.

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